Did Walmart Canada accidentally leak a bunch of unannounced games?

An intrepid Canadian shopper noticed something interesting upon visiting Walmart Canada’s website yesterday. That is, listings for a whack of as-yet-unannounced video games, all of which carry black placeholder images in lieu of final box art.

If true, this is big news, because a lot of massive titles were added to the site. Titles like ‘Forza Horizons 5,’ Rage 2, Just Cause 4, Borderlands 3, LEGO DC Villains and Gears of War 5. Hell, there was even mention of a new Splinter Cell title, in addition to a potential Destiny 2 expansion called Destiny Comet. Needless to say, those names have caused a lot of people to get excited.

Of course, this could just be a mistake, or someone at Walmart playing a joke ahead of E3. Hell, they could also have put these games up as a way to prepare for their potential reveals at next month’s expo. Who knows? Outside of those responsible, that is.

Here’s hoping at least some of these leaks are real, though. This writer would love to play another Rage, a third entry in the mainline Borderlands series and another Forza Horizon game. Another Gears of War would also be nice, as would Just Cause 4 if it were to receive more polish and end up being less repetitive and less flawed than Just Cause 3 was.