Focus Home Interactive is less than a handful of days away from launching Vampyr, the historical, moral dilemma filled vampire RPG from Life is Strange developer DONTNOD. They’ve reminded us of this fact through a launch trailer that does a good job of both introducing the game’s storyline and piquing one’s interest regarding what could happen within.

Set in 1918 London, Vampyr puts you in the shoes of the recently turned Dr. Johnathan Reid. The city is struggling with a plague, and its citizens need help, but our anti-hero also needs to feed in order to survive. Thus, moral difficulties will arise, as we decide who to kill and who we allow to live. Of course, each decision will bring forth consequences, which will also have to be dealt with.

Vampyr will be released on June 5th. Stay tuned for our review, which will be published shortly after launch. We’re just waiting on code.

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