Zombies and parkour will once again meet in Dying Light 2, Techland’s sequel to the well received and very immersive original game. The sequel, which had been rumoured, was officially revealed at today’s Microsoft presser.

Featuring a world in which one’s decisions matter, Dying Light 2 will task you with working and dealing with different factions. How you do this, and who you choose to align with, will be reflected in the world through noticeable changes, like running water for people on the street. There’s always a cost, though, “so while the streets may be safer, it’s only safer for those who side with the PK.”

Positives, negatives, actions and consequences…all four terms play a big role in Dying Light 2. One single decision — out of hundreds that you will apparently have to make — can alter your experience and the world around you.

As with the original Dying Light, Dying Light 2 becomes darker and more challenging at night, when the infected roam the streets.

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