Call of Cthulhu gets a narrated (gamescom) gameplay trailer

Through the catalyst that is gamescom, Focus Home Interactive has released debut gameplay from Cyanide Studios’ Lovecraft-inspired Call of Cthulhu. As such, we now know more about how the game — which was adapted from Chaosium’s classic pen and paper RPG — works.

In this narrated trailer, you’ll watch as the main character approaches a run down old mansion, explores its grounds and then gets into an altercation with an aggressive groundskeeper. It’s there, during that discussion, where the game’s dialogue system will present a set of options, including both fighting and reasoning. Then, things move into the building itself, where some lighter lit exploration continues, before strange things begin to occur.

Call of Cthulhu will force Edward Pierce to explore the old gods and cosmic horrors within the Hawkins Mansion on October 30th. Thus, it’ll be released (onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC) just in time for Halloween.