You may have seen the leaks. Now, it’s official. Shadow War is the name of the fourth and presumably final multiplayer add-on for Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: WWII.

Like those before it, Shadow War will introduce three new competitive maps and a “game-changing” war mode scenario into the mix, and will also offer another chapter of Nazi Zombies gameplay. This will be Frozen Dawn, the conclusion of the game’s tale of undead Nazis.

The maps in question include:

Airship: Set in a secret enemy base high in the Alps, Airship takes the battle to new heights. Fight for control of the docked zeppelin, or take your chances running along a treacherous cliff, where one slip up can lead to an unfortunate trip down the mountain that will end in a respawn.

Chancellery: The enemy forces have taken hold of a French Chancellery, but they won’t expect a chaotic firefight in the middle of the night. Wrest control of the stronghold’s main courtyard, while covering your team from the flanking pathways to the map’s main area for this epic night-time brawl behind enemy lines.

Excavation: In an Algerian mine, the enemy stockpiled priceless art and gold from their European conquests. The battle will ensue around these pillaged goods, the dunes of a tank graveyard, and rock outcroppings scattered around the map.

As before, Shadow War carries PlayStation 4 timed exclusivity. As such, the PS4 version of Call of Duty: WWII will be the first to get this concluding add-on, on August 28th.

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