Dead Living Zombies have infiltrated Far Cry 5

The third, and presumedly final expansion for Far Cry 5 has just released, bringing with it a horde of Dead Living Zombies.

In Dead Living Zombies, players will work with film director extraordinaire, Guy Marvel, as he makes D-tier movies about reanimated corpses. You’ll be the star throughout this “epic zombie saga,” which is comprised of seven different scenarios that have been created using Far Cry 5‘s Arcade Editor.

Upon completion of each map, you’ll get the option to replay them in a score-based mode. Doing well in this will earn you the expected three star score, which will then unlock bonus weapons and gear for the core campaign.

Dead Living Zombies is the final of four content pieces tied to Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 Season Pass. Purchasing it by itself will set you back the equivalent of seven American dollars.