Rainbow Six: Siege has commenced Operation Grim Sky

This is a day that many avid Rainbow Six: Siege players were anticipating, because it marks the official release of the game’s Operation Grim Sky expansion. That, alongside a major update that addresses certain shortcomings.

With Operation Grim Sky, Siege has been bolstered with two new operators and a reworked version of the Hereford Base map. Ubisoft has apparently adjusted its visuals and balance to improve it for competitive play.

Your two new operators are:

  • Maverick, an American attacker from the Unit who is a Hard Breacher. Thanks to his Suri Torch gadget, he is capable of breaching silently any surface including reinforced walls.
  • Clash is a new British Defender with an expertise on mob behavior and snatch-squad tactics. She is a tough veteran, and a leading expert in riot control. Clash is notable for her Crowd Control Electro (CCE) Shield, which can slow down and damage nearby enemies thanks to its Taser, discouraging pushes and encouraging retreats.

Now, as for the aforementioned update…

  • Correction of the weapon sights misalignment that caused automatic weapon to diverge from where the reticle was positioned.
  • From now on if players are not able to select an Operator before the end of the selection phase, they will no longer be assigned Recruit, but will be assigned a random Operator from the list they have already unlocked.
  • Ability to mute the text or voice chat of each player individually.
  • Hatch Reinforcements will now allow for partial destruction.
  • Finally, in addition to gameplay and technical fixes, players can expect some map balancing adjustments on Consulate.

Year 3’s Operation Grim Sky expansion is currently available to Year 3 Pass owners, and will be made available to all Rainbow Six: Siege players on September 11.