Warner Bros. has released the second instalment of its “How to Hitman” video series, and this one is all about the assassin’s mindset. Simply put, though, it’s a short trailer that gives you tips on how to avoid getting caught in Hitman 2.

In this upcoming sequel to one of the generation’s most liked games, we’ll have to be stealthy and smart if we hope to achieve our objectives. That’ll be especially true for those who go for all stealth runs, as well as every achievement or trophy that the game comes with. This trailer will help a bit, but it mostly just covers the obvious, like staying away from security cameras and making sure to hide bodies instead of leaving them in plain sight. There is talk about picture-in-picture and a useful mini-map, though.

What’s most important to take away from all of this is the fact that security cameras can detect you even if you’re deeply disguised. How, exactly, we’re not sure.

Hitman 2 will be begin stalking its targets in mid-November. Stay tuned for more information on this great-looking game.

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