The roots of the Apocalypse are hinted at within Darksiders III‘s animated introductory cutscene, which has just found its way onto the Web. It comes to us through publisher THQ Nordic and developer Gunfire Games, and carries the tagline, “The Apocalypse is near, but what is the story behind the Four Horsemen?”

Darksiders III tells the story of Fury, the third of the four Horsemen, who just so happens to be a mage. Told through the interactivity of an action-adventure game, it’ll send players from the heights of Heaven down through the depths of Hell.

Expect to be able to play this tale on November 27th, via an asking price of $59.99 USD. A collector’s edition is also available for $149.99, along with an apocalypse edition that will set you back a whopping $300 American.

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