Annapurna Interactive announces new games at The Game Awards, surprise launches Ashen

Annapurna Interactive proved to be quite busy at The Game Awards this year, making several new indie game announcements during the show, along with surprise-launching one of their long-anticipated publishing efforts! After much anticipation, A44’s indie co-operative action-RPG, Ashen, one of the many indie games currently on the publishing slate of Annapurna, is releasing tonight as an unexpected surprise addition to Microsoft’s Winter of Arcade lineup, for $39.99 USD! Ashen will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue simultaneously. Aside from Xbox One, Ashen will be releasing for PC tonight as well, via the Epic Games Store.

On top of launching Ashen, Annapurna also announced two new indie game projects at The Game Awards. The first, Sayonara Wild Hearts, is being developed by Year Walk studio, Simogo, and is currently confirmed for Nintendo Switch, with other unspecified platforms set to follow. Sayonara Wild Hearts aims to be an interactive pop album, one that will see a masked protagonist called ‘The Fool’ working to lift and break the hearts of other interdimensional bikers, in a wacky and unpredictable music-themed set of challenges. The second game, The Pathless, is being developed by Abzu studio, Giant Squid, and has players take control of an unnamed archer alongside an eagle ally, to lift a curse on a mysterious island. The Pathless is set to release at some point in 2019, but it’s currently unknown which platforms it’s being developed for.

It would appear that Annapurna Interactive is proudly investing in the rising Epic Games Store as well, since they made more than one PC-related announcement surrounding Epic’s proposed Steam competitor. Annapurna will be bringing Outer Wilds to the Epic Games Store at launch, an open-world game developed by Mobius Digital, wherein players investigate a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. The publisher will also be bringing thatgamecompany’s hit adventure game, Journey to PC via the Epic Games Store at some point in the near future too, which will mark the first time that Journey will be expanding beyond PlayStation platforms. Finally, one of Annapurna Interactive’s former PC releases from this past August, Donut County, was also confirmed for a release on Xbox One on December 18th, and will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue on the same date, as part of Microsoft’s Winter of Arcade lineup.

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