DONTNOD releases launch trailer for second episode of Life is Strange 2

The story of two young, conflicted and very much on the run brothers will continue tomorrow, when DONTNOD releases Life is Strange 2‘s second episode. Today, we have its launch trailer, which features some new characters.

This episode — which goes by the name of ‘Rules’ — will be set months after the previous one, and will see both Sean and Daniel attempting to harness the younger sibling’s strange power. To do so, they’ve set up rules, while also having had to seek shelter from the cold that has gripped the Pacific Northwest. The question is whether a 9 year-old can truly follow these all important rules without slipping up.

The developer has also stated that Captain Spirit will, in fact, return in Life is Strange 2‘s second episode. Thus, if you haven’t yet played through DONTNOD’s short, free to play Captain Spirit game, then you’d best do so before continuing on with this.