Sony announces February 2019’s PlayStation Plus offerings

This coming February will be a pretty great month for PlayStation Plus subscribers, especially those who generally don’t purchase a lot of games. Reason being is that the wintry month’s list has lots of AAA fare to offer, including a few pretty notable games.

PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to some fantasy combat, by way of Ubisoft’s For Honor, as well as some stealthy assassinations thanks to the inclusion of Hitman: Season One. That’s a pretty notable duo of offerings there, but the list continues.

On the PlayStation 3 side of things resides Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, as well as Divekick, the latter of which will also be compatible with the PlayStation Vita handheld. Meanwhile, those who still use their Vitas will be able to download and play Gunhouse and Rogue Aces. Funnily enough, both games will also be cross-buy compatible and fully playable on PS4, making it so that folks won’t even need to bother with the portable versions if they don’t feel like it.

In related news, PlayStation Plus’ cloud storage capacity is also set to increase to 100gb in February.