If you’ve seen most of what Fallout 76‘s wasteland has to offer, you’ll be happy to hear that more content has been added to the always-online role-playing game. It comes in the form of Wild Appalachia, a free update that adds new quests, features, events and crafting systems, including quests related to brewing tasty (and perhaps even helpful) beverages. This is one of the first parts of a larger update, which will release over the next little while.

As they set out to take on the horrors of the Appalachia, players can look forward to:

  • New Brewing and Distilling Features
  • A New Seasonal Event – Fasnacht Parade
  • Survival Mode
  • New C.A.M.P. Features – C.A.M.P. Decorating, Player Vending, Functional Camera
  • Legendary Vendor and Scrapping
  • New Quests: Shear Terror! and Ever Upwards

For more information, including a roadmap for this new content, check out the official Fallout 76 website.

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