This fall, CBE Software intends to scare, unsettle and disorient us with its creepy game, Someday You’ll Return. Horror in description, it’s an experience that brings forth primitive and very human themes, like fatherhood, love and the drive for survival. Fight or flight will also seemingly play a big part.

Set in the vast Moravian forests of the Czech Republic, Someday You’ll Return is an unsettling story of one man’s search for his runaway daughter. Said search takes him back to a place he never planned to return to, where he must face his past while attempting to find the one he loves most. It’s said that, “while the story contains strong horror elements, it’s not always obvious which monsters are scarier.” We assume that means something about Daniel’s past, or he himself, will turn out to be even worse than what goes bump in the night in the dark and expansive forest this game takes place in.

In this disturbing and very interest piquing trailer, Daniel (the protagonist) must face his past while dealing with rumours about unexplored caverns and girls who’ve gone missing over the years.

Those with interest can expect the following features as they play through this scary tale:

  • Workbench crafting interface – you can craft or repair things in a specialized interface
  • Herbalism – you can pick up flowers or mushrooms and make your own potions
  • Environment interaction – you can interact in the world you are in, use items etc.
  • Smartphone – you can use GPS, call someone or communicate via SMS, you can also use your mobile light
  • Karmic system – your actions have consequences which can influence ending
  • Phased day night cycle
  • Wall climbing
  • Tracking – look for clues like footprints etc.
  • Stealth
  • (There is no combat in the game.)

Needless to say, Someday You’ll Return is something we’ll be keeping our eyes on. It’s set to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC in September, but has ‘TBD’ where the date normally is.

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