Due to current world events, CBE Software has been forced to delay its upcoming, Czech Republic based horror game, Someday You’ll Return. However, this news isn’t all doom and gloom, because the wait hasn’t been extended much, or indefinitely. Instead of releasing on April 14th, the mind messing experience will now launch on May 5th.

“Having to make the decision to delay the launch of Someday You’ll Return has been very difficult for us at CBE Software. The beta testing of the game has gone great, the game is almost ready to be released and we were really looking forward to launch this month. However, there are some elements, including live studio recording sessions, that were just not possible with the current crisis which have set us back. The most important thing is that everyone stays safe and does everything they can to minimize exposure to Covid-19. While we’re disappointed to have to wait to bring you our game, the health and safety of everyone involved is paramount.” says CBE Software co-founder Jan Kavan.

“Originally we thought we would have to postpone the release until the situation gets better globally, possibly for months, but that is not the case. We worked really hard to secure modern organizational tools and technology to help us complete our recording sessions remotely. Luckily for us we’ve been able to set up and implement these tools which has made the delay much shorter than originally feared. With these tools and the cooperation from our esteemed musicians. we are happy to be able to launch the game with only a minor delay.”

Please note that the aforementioned release date applies to the PC version of this game. While Someday You’ll Return is also apparently coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the console versions do not currently own release dates.

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