Tigertron has announced that its ‘poignant’ and ‘eco-friendly’ video game, Jupiter & Mars, will officially release on Earth Day. That is, April 22nd.

This is a very fitting release date for a game that is all about exploring mankind’s effect on our planet. One in which two dolphins must navigate several different biomes, wherein some of Earth’s major cities and locations have been engulfed by ocean water. Unsurprisingly, this all takes place after mankind has suddenly disappeared.

“This game represents a real labor of love for myself and the entire team, so it’s rewarding to finally be able to share these dolphins with players on Earth Day 2019,” said James Mielke, Tigertron’s Creative Director. “While it’s playable in both VR and without, experiencing Jupiter & Mars in virtual reality is really something special. That we were able to bring real-world environmental groups like SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation with us on our journey makes this a really meaningful event for me, the team, and most importantly, our children. We set out to do something different with the video game medium, to stimulate discussion and share a positive message. As it is said in the game, ‘There is always a tomorrow, and with every tomorrow there is always hope.’”

“Inspired by some of our favorite games of the past, we’ve attempted to create an experience that’s incredibly fun yet poignant,” said Sam Kennedy, Executive Producer at Tigertron. “Jupiter & Mars is a true love letter to the oceans that we can’t wait for players everywhere to experience.”

Expect to be able to purchase and play Jupiter & Mars on PS4 and/or PSVR.

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