Sony shares images of PlayStation VR2 hardware

After confirming the name for PlayStation VR2 at CES just over a month ago, Sony has revealed the first images of the hardware itself, and given us an updated look at its two controllers, dubbed VR2 Sense.

The headset, a rounded, cleaner version of the original PlayStation VR at first glance, takes cues from the PlayStation 5 design language (right down to the thousands of PlayStation symbols etched all over the casing), and the PlayStation.Blog says that “the circular orb shape represents the 360-degree view that players feel when they enter the virtual reality world,” though whether that is a bit (or a lot) of marketing speak is up to you to decide.

Being that this is a piece of technology that will spend much of its time on your head, ergonomics seem to be a priority for the designers. Sony’s first round at VR was relatively well-received, so they have kept the same concept this time around, right down to the adjustable scope and headset jack for player familiarity, they claim.

In addition to the adjustable scope is a lens adjustment dial, so the device can match lenses between eyes, while the overall unit is a bit lighter, despite adding more bells and whistles such as a motor for headset feedback. The device is also slimmer by what appears to be a considerable margin compared to PlayStation VR.

There is also just a single cord for power and data transfer this time around, with no junction box between the player and the console.

While we don’t have a release date just yet, we also haven’t seen any games to properly show off the hardware, so hopefully Sony has some new content to round up for us real soon.