In a blog post, 343 Industries outlined a series of improvements to the campaign of Halo Infinite, a generally well-reviewed game, but one not without its flaws.

In addition to networking, stability, and performance improvements, first-person animations are receiving a series of fixes which should put an end to some pesky (but often hilarious) reloading and clambering animations.

The team is also working hard on improving existing anti-cheat tech to prevent bad actors from having their way in the game. Unfortunately, little information is given as to what types of improvements are being made, or if new methods to catch cheaters are being implemented, but secrecy in this area may also be part of the strength of these measures.

343 Industries recently fixed some bugs relating to network connectivity, most specifically where if a player was using Quick Resume to get back into a game and they lost their network connection while away from the Xbox, the game would need to be quit and restarted to resolve the issue.

No specific release date has been announced for the upcoming patches, but you can read more about them in the blog post and the Halo Infinite Release Notes page.

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