‘Mayhem is coming’ says intriguing Borderlands 3 teaser

It had been said that Borderlands 3 would (finally) get its much anticipated reveal at this week’s PAX East expo. Now, we can assuredly say that those rumours were correct. Reason being is that 2K United Kingdom is teasing something big for the series, through a tweet that tells folks to tune in at 6pm GMT (2pm EST) tomorrow.

The tweet also offers an artistic and intriguing teaser video, featuring an all white psycho mask. The mask itself is made out of something white, like paint or milk, and is eventually zoomed in on to reveal all of the little details it holds. Details like the images of weapons, enemies, familiar characters and/or all three intertwined together in battle. Surely there are also some hints at what’s new hidden within.

Its tagline? ‘Mayhem is coming.’

Here’s hoping that Borderlands 3 will be true to its roots, and that it will end up being worth the wait. The first two games were great.