It’s been a long wait, but we finally have some Borderlands 3 gameplay to feast our eyes upon. Visceral action that is featured within what is a nearly three minute-long first gameplay trailer for the much-anticipated first-person shooter/RPG hybrid.

The aforementioned gameplay is mixed in with shots of some of the unique environments we’ll visit during the campaign. There’s an arid planetary surface, an overgrown bunker that’s seen better days, a futuristic looking city and a jungle, among other places. All look pretty incredible, too, thanks to current gen technology. This is especially true of Borderlands 3‘s characters, who really pop off the screen with welcomed detail.

As for the gameplay: Well, it’s what you’d expect from a Borderlands game, but even more impressive. Through this trailer, it oozes colourful, quirky and bullet-filled charm, thanks to zany character designs, over-the-top action and creative weaponry.

Borderlands 3 is expected to challenge us, make us laugh and fuel our need for colourful mayhem on September 13th.

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