RAGE 2 gets an explosive launch trailer

Only several days remain before RAGE 2 will shoot up and explode onto consoles and PC, meaning the time is right for a launch trailer. Bethesda obviously feels the same way, because they’ve released the game’s launch video the week before it’s due to be released.

To say that RAGE 2 has another unique trailer would be underselling it. This thing is nuts. It starts off with a bang, doesn’t let up and then becomes pretty weird by the end. Then again, that’s the theme they’re selling here; that being a very colourful, zany and creative form of first-person shooting. One with unique, weird and downright odd characters, and lots of cool guns to shoot at them.

RAGE 2 will become available for sale on May 14th, and is destined for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.