It may not be October, or happen to get dark early in the evening anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still delight in horror. In fact, releasing a scary game during springtime gets it away from the clutter of the Halloween season.

In correlation to the above, today has brought with it confirmation that Cracow, Poland’s Bloober Team has officially released Layers of Fear 2, a sequel to the 2016 original. It’s now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

“The anticipation is killing us as we’re on the verge of bringing you the sequel to our most successful game – Layers of Fear 2. It will be an uncanny experience for the players and we’re seriously counting hours to read and see what they think of it. It’s a sum of extremely hard work, vision and passion of the development team here in Bloober, but also the sweat and blood (horror, right?!) of Gun, who proved to be the best of the best with supporting us.” said Rafał Basaj, Brand Manager at Bloober Team. “I hope you all enjoy this madness trip of artistry, self-discovery and fear. Please enjoy the game!”

Promising a longer campaign, which centres upon an actor who finds himself trapped on a creepy and always changing old-fashioned luxury cruise, Layers of Fear 2 intends to strike and unsettle all who play it. Its attempt has some extra credence, too, thanks to voice acting from Tony Todd, aka. Candyman himself.

“When we partnered with Bloober Team over a year ago, we knew they had something special in Layers of Fear 2,” said Ismael Vicens, Senior Producer at Gun Media. “Our shared love of horror coupled with their craftsmanship gave all of us the passion, confidence, and drive needed to make this experience as terror-filled and impressive as we knew it could be. It’s been an honor to work with Bloober Team and help them present horror fans with their next masterpiece.”

We recently received a review code for Layers of Fear 2, so please stay tuned for our full review. It should be published within the next week.

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