Hide your cows! Crypto is back, or at least soon will be.

THQ Nordic has saved its zaniest reveal for last, announcing today that it has a Destroy All Humans remake in the work for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be a true remake, too, as opposed to a sequel or anything like that. They say that the 2005 original’s unique 1950s alien invasion story and structure was just too good not to revisit.

There will be updates, though. For instance, Crypto is going to be more agile than ever, have improved aerial combat abilities and the power of Psychokinesis. Hell, he’ll also be able to use his psychic powers in conjunction with his guns.

To announce this remake, those behind Destroy All Humans partnered with German metal band, Rammstein, for a pretty badass trailer. Filled with 1950s nostalgia and unadulterated alien mayhem, it mixes non-gameplay footage with the band’s song, ‘Ich Will.’


Destroy All Humans is planning its invasion for sometime in 2020.



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