Yooka-Laylee will return, but they’ll look and play a bit differently when they do.

Today, Team17 announced a brand new entry into what is now a platforming series, called Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. It’s going to be a slightly different type of platformer, too, eschewing the open 3D trappings of a Banjo-Kazooie style game for Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country style 2D stages. The overworld will still be 3D, though, allowing one to explore, solve puzzles and find collectibles.

Your goal in Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is to “run, jump and roll through a series of challenging 2D levels,” in an attempt to “rally the Royal Beettalion to take down Capital B and his Impossible Lair.”

Expect to be able to play Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair in 2019, using a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Windows PC. It will be made available digitally and physically.

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