Arkane Studios reveals new game, Deathloop

Through a visceral, 60s-inspired trailer, Arkane Studios revealed its new game, Deathloop.

Starring two rival assassins who each seem to possess supernatural abilities, Deathloop promises “a trip unlike any other.” The developers also promoted a mind-bending story, meticulously crafted levels, and a game that allows people to play as they wish, saying that, “How you play is up to you.”

Deathloop is apparently set in France, during a crazy time, which is highlighted during the first part of its trailer. We also get the sense that this period takes place in the future, because it looks like technology has advanced to incredible levels that we’ve yet to see or experience in real life.

Little else is known about this next game from Dishonored‘s developers, but we’ll let you know when we find out more.