DOOM Eternal steals the spotlight at BE3 2019

Going in, we all knew that the highlight of Bethesda’s BE3 2019 presser would be DOOM Eternal. It’s what everyone wanted to see most, and for that reason it was held until the end. If anything was going to topple it, it’d have to be something special, spectacular and absolutely, jaw dropping-ly incredible. That didn’t happen, though, as DOOM once again stole the spotlight.

DOOM Eternal was first shown in trailer form, through an incredible looking, fast-paced and downright brutal mix of gameplay footage. After that, the developers took the stage. They spoke for a bit, then moved on to two short gameplay demos, which were very well received like everything that came before them.

Truth be told, each demo was better than the last. This game keeps looking better and better. It’s fast, fluid, visceral and incredibly gory, in ways that may even exceed its predecessors.

After showcasing single player content, the team went on to talk about the game’s multiplayer component, which pits two human-controlled demons against one human Doomslayer. Each demon will have its own unique powers and abilities, and both can work together to take the hero down.

They call it Battlemode.

DOOM Eternal will take us back to Hell on November 22nd. When it does, it will be sold in different versions, including a special edition containing a wearable Doomslayer helmet.