Fallout 76 to add new battle royale game mode, Nuclear Winter

After announcing a brand new expansion for Fallout 76, as well as a free trial for those who’ve yet to play the game, the team behind it continued on. They had more, they said, and it had to do with a new game mode. One they call Nuclear Winter.

Nuclear Winter is a battle to the death to decide the next overseer of the vault, so you can expect lots of bullets, explosions, gore and mayhem, not to mention some good, old fashioned nukes. There can only be one overseer, after all.

As you’ve probably guessed, Nuclear Winter is a battle royale mode born from the Fallout universe. Within it, players will not only have to contend with each other, but mutated monsters and animals as well.

Nuclear Winter will be free to try during a sneak peak, from June 10th through to June 17th. Like Wastelanders, it will also be made available as a free update when it’s fully implemented into the game at a later date.