Jon Bernthal took the stage at UbiE3, to talk Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Actor Jon Bernthal, who you may recognize from AMC’s The Walking Dead and Netflix’s Punisher, took the stage at UbiE3 2019 to promote his next venture. We’re talking about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the recently revealed and much talked-about follow-up to Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Bernthal took the stage with his canine friend, and was very humble upon doing so. He joked around with the crowd, then started talking about his badass of an enemy character from Breakpoint, as well as that character’s well-trained army. Those are the digitized soldiers and mercenaries that we will have to deal with and fight against within the game’s campaign.

The actor’s appearance was preceded by a manifesto, which was surely taken from a cutscene within the game. Then, some more footage played as he left the stage. Ubisoft didn’t stop there, though, as it also uploaded a video about bringing Bernthal’s character to life, and another that talks about the game’s Community Leaders program.

You can see them all below:


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will enlist us this fall.