Although it’s mostly known for RPGs and Tomb Raider, Square Enix is no stranger to branching out and trying new things. They will continue to do this with Circuit Superstars, their first foray into the world of motorsports. This won’t be a traditional venture, though, meaning that the game in question won’t be a super realistic racing game, and is instead a charming and Cel-shaded affair.

Circuit Superstars is said to combine arcade-style racing with a more realistic driving model, which allows for accessibility but rewards those who master it. It will feature a mix of on and off-road racing categories, such as rally, GT, classic cars and even trucks.

“Over the last three decades we have seen a fascinating evolution of racing games,” says Carolina Mastretta, Director & Producer at Original Fire Games. “And these days, we can drive almost any type of car on amazing recreations of the best tracks in the world. However, we believe it’s time to try something different, and we want to do this by reviving a style that pioneered the racing genre decades ago.”

Developed by Open Fire Games, Circuit Superstars is a Square Enix Collective title. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but is set to release in 2020, for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam.

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