Ubisoft announces long rumoured Watch_Dogs: Legion to kick off E3 2019

One of gaming’s worst kept secrets was officially revealed today, when Ubisoft chose to kick off its E3 2019 presser with a lengthy gameplay trailer for Watch_Dogs: Legion. It’s a game we all knew was coming, but needed to see confirmation of before posting anything.

Set in futuristic London, Legion looks to be an even more high-tech open world game than those that preceded it. With security drones, advanced security and a general nanny state to worry about, players will jump from one hacker to the next in order to carry out their overarching plan.

When one hacker is downed or gives himself up for arrest, one can choose another body to hop into. In the trailer, we were first shown a bald male avatar, who attempted to escape from drones but ultimately lost his life. He was then succeeded by an elderly lady, before the player became a young woman instead. Needless to say, this is a big change from the previous games, which locked you into one character’s shoes. This is especially true, since it was eventually said that one can recruit and play as any Londoner.

Also shown in the aforementioned trailer were elements of stealth, hand-to-hand combat and, of course, hacking. Some gunplay was also seen, although it’s obviously not the only form of combat available to players.

You’ll be able to build and employ the resistance when Watch_Dogs: Legion launches on March 6, 2020.