The horrors of H.P. Lovecraft have arisen again, this time inside the supernaturally focused detective narrative of The Sinking City. The latest from developer Frogwares and publisher Big Ben Interactive, it will soon be available to fans of the genre(s), subject matter and author.

To celebrate, and to also help get the word out, Frogwares has released a chilling launch trailer for the game. You can see it above all of this text stuff.

Taking place in the ‘20s, The Sinking City is an action and investigation game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of horror. The player embodies Charles Reed, a private detective, who comes to Oakmont, Massachusetts in order to investigate the cause of an unprecedented supernatural flood. Within this oppressive, murky atmosphere, the player must discover the origin of whatever has taken control of the city and the minds of its inhabitants.

Throughout the adventure, the player must also manage his mental health or risk succumbing to his visions. Free to form his own opinions, Charles is faced with heart-breaking choices and heavy consequences for this city, one which is already only a shadow of itself.

Stay tuned for our review of The Sinking City. It will be published in the near future.

The game is scheduled to release on June 27th, but some have received early access.

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