Signs are pointing to an impending Cataclysm event in BioWare’s struggling online RPG/shooter hybrid, Anthem.

According to Game Informer, players were recently presented with challenges pertaining to ‘The Oncoming Storm.’ Found in freeplay over the last weekend, these few challenges hinted at building up towards the Cataclysm.

The challenges, themselves, tasked players with destroying certain amounts of crystals and crystallized enemies, and also asked them to complete a set amount of crystal world events. The reward for doing so was 2000 coins and the Arcanist’s Monument graphic.

Due to their focus on crystals, and what said crystals mean within the game, it’s thought that this is a hint that Anthem‘s (eight week) Cataclysm event is on the near horizon. After all, it’s been a while, and the game needs something to entice players with.


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