Bearing a fitting subtitle, Trials Rising‘s second expansion, Crash & Sunburn, will release on September 10th. When it does, it will send players and their physics-based bikes below the equator, where they’ll get to explore the Amazon rainforest, admire Inca ruins, visit Antarctica and even go on a safari.

Offering 37 new tracks, located across Australia, South America, Africa and Antarctica, Crash & Sunburn will certainly be full of humidity. Players will get to explore these new tracks and environments in style, too, with a new jungle explorer outfit, as well as two new bikes: The Turtle and the Alpaca.

The Turtle has a roll bar that offers protection, while the Alpaca will make players learn how to ride all over again. Why’s that? Three words: front-wheel drive.

Crash & Sunburn can be added to your Trials Rising experience, for $15.99, or through the purchase of the game’s $26.99 expansion pass.

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