Attention all Steven Universe and Brawlhalla fans! Through press release means, Ubisoft has announced that characters from the Cartoon Network show have crossed over to their free-to-play, multiplayer action game.

This crossover will continue until December 18th, and will feature the following characters, all of whom are said to mirror existing Brawlhalla Legends. However, while they may mirror other heroes and villains, they’ll come bearing unique animations, special moves and more.

  • Garnet – An Epic Crossover for Petra, she is gem fusion made from a true kind of love. Garnet is “stronger than you” with signature attacks that use her rocket gauntlets and energy blasts.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst mirrors Xull. An independent spirit and loyal friend, Amethyst arrives with signature attacks that use her whips as traps and grabs, plus her Purple Puma form!
  • Pearl – This Epic Crossover mirrors Brawlhalla Legend Kaya, with signature attacks Holo-Pearl and Holo-Rose Quartz. She uses her spear and bow to make players strong in the real way.
  • Stevonnie – Not two people, not one person, but an experience, Stevonnie mirrors Brawlhalla legend Val with signature attacks that summons their magical pink lion and bubble shield. Let’s jam!

Steven Universe also brings a new mode to Brawlhalla, and it’s called Bubble Tag. Through it, players will earn points every time they capture the entire enemy team in Gem Bubbles.

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