If you haven’t heard, Arise: A Simple Story is now available. Truth be told, it released yesterday, but a very busy day kept us from sharing the news.

Developed by Piccolo Studio and published by Techland, Arise is billed as a “beautiful and deeply moving platform adventure game.” It is also the Barcelona-based developer’s first release.

“Arise is a deep narrative, carefully crafted to transcend both the literal and metaphorical. We travel together with an old man across artistically stunning landscapes, each of which represents a crucially poignant moment of his life, lush with love and loss,” said Alexis Corominas, one of the founders of Piccolo. “We hope players will find themselves walking alongside him on a path of self-reflection, and, with each step, relate to the heartfelt magic in his story. We can’t wait for the players to discover what—or whom—they and the old man will find throughout the journey.”

Arise: A Simple Story is currently only available through digital distribution, and will set you back $20 USD. It is being sold through the Xbox One marketplace, the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store.

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