The Crew 2 will soon host a free play weekend

Interested in playing The Crew 2 without any financial commitment? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in luck.

Today, Ubisoft announced that it will be hosting a free play weekend for the open world racer. It will run from December 5th to December 8th, and will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Windows PC.

Players will have access to the full game – including the newest update, Blazing Shots, which includes a new vanity category, Underglows, and brings weekly PvE competitions and unique LIVE Summit events where players must reach the top of the leaderboard to win exclusive rewards based on their ranking. Players can experience Blazing Shots, plus hundreds of other challenges from previous updates, and the freedom to explore the entire redesigned USA on land, on water and in the air, behind the wheel of their dream vehicles, solo or in four-player co-op.

During the free play weekend, those who would like to purchase the full game will be able to buy The Crew 2, and its Season Pass, at discounted prices. The discount will total 75% and, of course, all progress will carry over.