Lara Croft brings her athleticism to Brawlhalla

As of today, Lara Croft is a playable Brawlhalla character, thanks to a crossover between Square Enix and Ubisoft itself. That’s not all: The iconic Tomb Raider has also brought with her a brand new mode befitting her abilities.

The aforementioned new mode is called Temple Climb, and it’s true to its name. Those who choose it will have to deal with an ascending map, and will need to jump to new platforms in order to stay in the fight. The way up is treacherous, as pressure plates placed along the way will trigger traps that hurtle cannon balls, spring spikes, and ignite flames for Legends to dodge. The Temple Climb game mode will have a queue during the Tomb Raider Crossover Event and will still be playable in custom games after the event ends.

The Lara Croft Epic Crossover mirrors the abilities of existing Brawlhalla Legend Diana but charts her own course with unique signature attack designs, custom select animations, sound effects, two brand-new weapon skins, and a dedicated roster spot.

A first for Epic Crossovers, Lara Croft also comes bundled with an additional skin: Survivor. Survivor Lara Croft has two more weapon skins (for four weapon skins total) and, when selected, changes the Lara Croft roster spot. The Lara Croft Epic Crossover bundle is available for 300 Mammoth Coins via the in-game store and will still be available for purchase after the event concludes.

This Brawlhalla x Lara Croft crossover will run through March 16th.