Age of Conan may have first released in 2008, and become free-to-play back in 2011, but that hasn’t stopped it from receiving continued support to this day. In fact, Funcom has announced the release of the MMO’s biggest update in years, and has done so through a brand new trailer.

Said update is named Onslaught, and it adds a new game mode, along with additional quests, weapons and Thugra Khotan Vanity armor.

Onslaught introduces a new game area based on Robert E. Howard’s Black Colossus (1933), one of the original short stories featuring Conan the Barbarian. Here, you will be faced with a new threat, as the ancient wizard Thugra Khotan has awoken after thousands of years and is seeking to fulfill his ambition of world domination. Waves of ferocious armies will charge at you on the steps of the great Ivory Dome of Kutchemes. The dome itself is said to contain unimaginable riches, but also a slumbering dread god.

Although the press release uses the title Age of Conan, we should note that the game’s current name is actually Age of Conan: Unchained. It was changed to that years ago.

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