Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – A Fistful of Redemption expansion announced

The next Borderlands 3 expansion will apparently take on, and likely poke fun at, Red Dead Redemption and its sequel. At least that’s what its title (Bounty of Blood – A Fistful of Redemption) and key art suggest.

According to what we’ve learned, Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – A Fistful of Redemption will take place in a brand new area, and will introduce players to a different cast of characters. They call that new landscape Gehenna.

In Gehenna, you’ll take up a bounty on a violent gang of bandits who call themselves The Devil Riders, and will attempt to stop them from terrorizing the town of Vestige. In the process, you’ll meet and face off against Rose, a gun and katana-wielding westerner, and Jun, who’s a rough fighter with a shadowy history. All the while your actions will have an effect on Vestige, and things will change according to your choices. Of course, you’ll also get to take on western themed quests, use wild west weaponry and explore to your heart’s content. There will even be a new vehicle (a customizable JetBeast hoverbike), Traitorweed (which turns enemies into friends after being shot), and an aerial boost called the Breezlebloom.

Bounty of Blood isn’t the only thing heading Borderlands 3‘s way, though. The loot shooter will also get free content in the form of Takedown at the Guardian Breach, and will receive this addition on the fourth of June. It’s a four-player reconnaissance mission, which will send you to the planet of Minos Prime, as you hunt down a Guardian signal. Along the way you’ll face off against new enemies, deal with low gravity platforming, solve environmental puzzles and battle a mini-boss or two, all before coming face to face with the big baddie him or herself. Of course, there will also be new gear, weapons and cosmetics to find.

Those with interest will be able to purchase and play Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – A Fistful of Redemption on June 25th.