NBA 2K21 teased for PlayStation 5

Traditional sports may be at a postponed standstill right now, but that doesn’t mean sports gaming is. In fact, video games have become one of the only outlets for those who are sorely missing their favourite teams and leagues, myself included.

Few, if any, sports games are bigger than 2K’s NBA series. It tends to garner the most buzz, earn the most awards and sell very, very well. As such, it was not surprising to see a brief teaser trailer for NBA 2K21 during today’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ event.

This very brief and basic trailer doesn’t show any NBA action, but it does give us a decent look at a next-gen athlete, that being Zion Williamson. The sweat, facial detail and muscular structure stand out most.

Sports games tend to be like racing games, in that they’re one of the best ways to see the improvements between console generations. It looks like NBA 2K21 will continue this trend when it releases on PS5.