Bohemia Interactive is bringing Vigor to PS4, PS5; will soon be F2P on Switch

Fans have been asking for it, and Bohemia Interactive has listened. The result is news that Vigor is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Both versions will be released this holiday season, with the exact date being November 25th for the current gen version, and ‘Holiday 2020’ having been listed beside the PS5 one.

Bohemia Interactive received an infinite number of requests from the gaming community for a PlayStation version of the shoot-n-loot game Vigor. They’re stepping up to the plate by not only delivering the game to eager PS4 players, but giving early PS5 adopters a chance to step into post-war Norway. PlayStation players can expect more information about Vigor’s launch on both platforms in the upcoming weeks and months.

The developer also mentioned that Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to play the popular shoot-n-loot game while on the go, via a free-to-play model. This will occur on the 23rd of September, giving those who’d still like to grab content from the Vigor Founder’s Pack a chance to do so.