In a surprise turn of events, Bohemia Interactive has decided to release a work-in-progress build of Arma Reforger. Those with interest can check it out on PC Early Access and through Xbox Series X/S’ Game Preview, allowing them to get a first taste of the new Enfusion Engine.

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Functioning as a creative platform, Arma Reforger will provide multiple tools and services for users to modify and adjust the experience.

As a standalone installment, Arma Reforger serves a platform for players to enjoy the new capabilities of Enfusion as well as to provide valuable feedback for the ongoing development of Arma 4. Besides this, Arma Reforger hopes to empower Bohemia Interactive’s dedicated community of modders with an exciting new suite of integrated, in-house Enfusion tools.

Drawing on the success of Bohemia Interactive’s debut game Arma: Cold War Assault, Arma Reforger returns players to the island of Everon and a familiar fictional 1980’s setting. The terrain itself, part of the fictitious Malden Islands archipelago, has been reimagined and faithfully recreated, with added improvements, such as lakes, ponds, and flowing rivers; each a popular feature request, made possible through Enfusion. The terrain, spanning an impressive 164 km2 area containing 51 km2 of landmass, offers players a stunning environment to discover, replete with dense forests, low-rolling hills, mountains, patchwork fields, and idyllic towns, inspired by the former state of Czechoslovakia and embellished with some necessary overtures towards the nation’s historic French heritage and maritime flavor.

Arma Reforger will present two different gameplay modes, with the first being Conflict, wherein two teams attempt to capture strategic positions. The other is a real-time scenario editor known as Game Master, which will allow players to create engagements for others to enjoy.

Lastly, it’s important to make note of its Workshop, which allows PC players to create and share mods that can be enjoyed by both PC and console users.

Arma Reforger will leave Early Access/Game Preview when it’s considered finished, and is the first milestone on Bohemia’s ‘Road to Arma 4.’

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