Among the many PlayStation 5 exclusives that turned heads during the first PlayStation 5 reveal event earlier this Summer, Bluepoint Games’ and Sony Japan Studio’s upcoming remake of Demon’s Souls caused one of the biggest stirs. Promising to remake the forerunner to Bandai Namco’s highly popular Dark Souls franchise from the ground up, the new PlayStation 5 build of Demon’s Souls received an extended gameplay presentation during today’s PlayStation 5 reveal showcase, along with confirmation that it will be launching alongside the PlayStation 5 itself this November!

Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 is packed with visual and performance enhancements, bringing the experience into the modern era by tweaking, boosting and fixing the more dated elements of its PlayStation 3 predecessor, which has also had its online servers deactivated since 2018, now preventing co-op play on its original console. If Bluepoint Games’ previous PlayStation remasters are any indication, the gameplay should also see a touch-up in the Demon’s Souls remake, which was shown to possess more speedy, responsive combat and exploration, before the demo’s character was cheekily killed by one of the bosses.

Curiously, despite being a first-party PlayStation remake, Demon’s Souls was also originally announced as coming to PC. Since the actual reveal presentation however, Sony has scrubbed any mention of a PC port for the Demon’s Souls remake, including in re-uploads of Demon’s Souls’ latest trailer, and is now insisting that the game is in fact exclusive to PlayStation 5. The same phenomenon also occurred with Square Enix’s newly-announced Final Fantasy XVI, which was also claimed to be coming to PC during the initial PlayStation 5 showcase, but has since had any mention of its apparent PC port erased, with Final Fantasy XVI now being marketed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive itself. If comments on the PlayStation Blog are any indication however, the Demon’s Souls remake and Final Fantasy XVI are both seemingly timed PlayStation 5 exclusives, and will likely make their way to other platforms eventually, including PC.

Demon’s Souls’ remake, unlike fellow first-party PlayStation 5 games, Marvel’s Spider-Man: MIles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Horizon: Forbidden West, will not be receiving a PlayStation 4 port by the look of things either. If you want to partake in it sooner rather than later, you’ll have to shell out for Sony’s next-gen console. Regardless, the Demon’s Souls remake will release alongside the PlayStation 5 console itself on November 12th, in all major territories except for Europe and the U.K., which, among other regions, will instead be receiving both the game and the console on November 19th.

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