Visit the island of Blackreef in Deathloop’s new, PS5-based trailer

Bethesda made sure not to miss the occasion, and took part in Sony’s big PlayStation 5 info dump by releasing an extended trailer for Deathloop. The Arkane Studios developed title seems to be one of the more unique next-gen projects, and still feels mysterious despite it having been announced months ago.

This particular trailer takes us to Blackreef Island, where protagonist ‘Colt’ seeks out two of the eight key assassination targets who are responsible for him being imprisoned on the time-locked island. “Arkane’s signature gameplay presents players with numerous avenues for eliminating targets – and for getting multiple targets into a single spot simultaneously – by finding different clues and piecing together their own perfect puzzle of death before the day resets.”

Deathloop — a timed PS5 and PC exclusive — will launch sometime during Q2 2021.