Sony tears down the PlayStation 5 in new video

In the age of teraflops and cooling fans, it seems that every company lately is showing off a complete teardown of their latest devices before websites like iFixit and others get to them. Sony is repeating what it did with PlayStation 4 Pro by offering a teardown of the upcoming PlayStation 5 in their latest video.

The video shows off a few notable features of the console, including its dual-purpose horizontal-vertical stand with built-in screw storage, how to open the SSD compartment, as well as a honking-huge fan. The cooling for the console is said to be provided by a large heatsink with a design that maximizes airflow enough to perform as well as a vapour chamber.

PlayStation 5 can be stripped of its white shell (surely making it easier for people to paint with some cool and unique designs, or even act as faceplates), while the internals themselves are actually sheathed by a secondary layer of black plastic.

Internally, the motherboard seems to be quite sparse and spaced out, and with the design of the heatsink taking up what looks to be more than 50% of the console’s internal space, we can absolutely see a PlayStation 5 Slim hitting shelves within a few years as components are easier to manufacture on a smaller scale and put out less heat.

Have a watch of the teardown above and let us know what you think in the comments below!