Scavengers Studio announces Season: A bike trip before the end of the world

The folks at Scavengers Studio have revealed what their second game will be. That is, Season; a bike trip that takes place before the end of the world.

Playing as a young woman from a secluded village, who’s taking a bike trip for the very first time, players will explore a world just before a calamity is about to strike. Thus, the game is a quest to explore a new world, in order to document, photograph and experience things and cultures prior to the end.

As the writer and creative director, Kevin Sullivan said he’s excited to present the long-gestating project. “We’re dizzily excited to share the world of Season with the world of the real world. Just as the character in the game makes a cultural collection, the game itself has been that for us. It has absorbed our worries about the state of the planet, our joy at living on it, things we’ve seen, people we’ve loved and lost, all tied together into something, hopefully, beautiful and strange.” said Kevin Sullivan.

Season is in the works for PlayStation and PC, and does not have a release window as of yet.