The Initiative’s first game is a Perfect Dark reboot for Xbox Series X|S

One of gaming’s most legendary and beloved titles will return this generation, as a rebooted Xbox Series X|S game.

As the biggest of the Game Awards’ reveals, Microsoft’s Perfect Dark reboot has been the talk of the industry ever since it was announced. That’s for good reason, too, given how much many of us loved the original N64 game and how much nostalgia we carry for it. While the series stagnated after the middling to poor reception that the Xbox 360’s Perfect Dark Zero received, there’s lots of potential there.

The teaser trailer suggests a futuristic “eco sci-fi” take on the IP, which is currently in the hands of The Initiative. The Microsoft owned, Santa Monica-based studio, was founded by Crystal Dynamics vet Darrell Gallagher. This will be their first game as a collective.

It’s been fifteen years since the launch of the last Perfect Dark game, and even longer since the first game blew us away on N64. I’ll never forget my first experience with the game and its reactionary enemies, nor can I count or fathom the amount of hours I lost to its campaign and multiplayer modes. The latter were a blast to play with friends and difficult bots.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to this reboot of Perfect Dark, which, as we previously mentioned, is poised to be an Xbox Series exclusive.