SEASON: A Letter to the Future has arrived on PlayStation & PC

In a fictional world, a young woman from a secluded village has set out on her bicycle to explore and document the lands around her. This isn’t exactly a joyful quest, given that she’s there to not only discover a new world, but to also document its status before some sort of cataclysm washes it all away. Such is the premise of SEASON: A Letter to the Future, which has arrived on PlayStation and PC.

Developed by Scavengers Studio, SEASON focuses on meeting new people, exploring different areas, and unraveling things around you. You can hop off your bike and attach a recorder of sorts, which can then be used to document things, like the sounds of nature.

SEASON is currently being sold for $29.99 USD, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and $24.99 on Steam and Epic. There’s a 10% discount on the latter versions until February 7th.