January’s Games With Gold titles have been revealed

The first month of 2021 will see Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers receive four new games, free of charge, as part of the Games With Gold program. We now know what those titles are, thanks to an update from Microsoft.

Starting on January 1, 2021, folks will be able to download and play Bandai Namco’s disturbing puzzle platformer, Little Nightmares. It will be free to download for the entire month, and is something you shouldn’t pass by unless you’re easily scared. Little Nightmares is one of the last generation of console’s most under-appreciated gems in our opinion. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of recognition, but it’s a very good game.

The remastered version of Dead Rising will then follow, as the second Xbox One freebie. Its many zombies, and colourful ways of killing them, will become free as of January 16th.

On the Xbox 360/Xbox Originals side of things, you’ll find The King of Fighters XIII (January 1st-15th) and the original Xbox game, Breakdown (January 16th-February 15th). The latter is a cult classic first-person action game starring an amnesiac.