LootCrate’s Wizarding World magically transports you to Hogwarts this month

LootCrate started many years ago as a subscription service that provides tons of cool nerdy goodies to subscribers every month.

They’ve since expanded to partnerships with major brands like Crunchyroll, Marvel, and WWE. Their Loot Gaming brand has crates for FalloutDestiny, and The Elder Scrolls, while they’ve also got limited edition crates for pop stars like Britney Spears and drag queen RuPaul.

One of their biggest collaborations has been with JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, of course more commonly known as the Harry Potter universe.

Each crate (these ones are delivered every two months), the Wizarding World crate has a new theme within its franchise; the theme for this period is the Department of Magical Transportation.

While the Department of Transportation in the muggle world isn’t something we’d typically write about, when magical transport is involved, it tends to pique our interest a bit. This crate (which needs to be ordered by January 3rd, so get on it!) includes all officially-licensed Wizarding World merchandise, guaranteed to be valued at more than the cost of the subscription, which itself is $39.99 bimonthly.

This crate specifically has:

  • Hagrid Motorcycle Umbrella
  • Nimbus House Scarf
  • Exclusive Knight Bus Lunch Tin
  • Exclusive “Muggleworthy” Luggage Tag
  • and more!

Future crates will always include unique and fun items, including some that can’t be found anywhere else. Past items have included t-shirts, figurines, charms, hats, and duffel bags, among others.

For a penny under $40, the crate seems to be a must have for any Potterhead. Orders for the crate are accepted until January 3rd at 9:00pm PST, and quantities are limited, so when they’re gone, they’re gone; order your crate here.